BACH Real Estate is a diversified real estate company that seeks to capitalize on the urbanization of South Florida. Our business focus includes development, investment and property management. We are driven to be transformative in impact, thorough in execution and focused on community enhancement.

We have crafted our investment approach is built around the accelerating urbanization of South Florida. Our experience suggests that the pace of the region's transformation will meaningfully increase population density, accelerate transit availability and stimulate growth of commercial activity. These all contribute to enhanced real estate fundamentals.

BACH's advantage as an investor can be summarized as:


Our team benefits from years of direct experience in leading US metropolitan areas such as Washington DC, New York City and South Florida. This insight heightens our understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by the urbanization on South Florida.


We have experience with new construction, property redevelopment and financial restructuring. This enables us to diversify our risk positions based on market-cyle, local area dynamics and investment opportunity. We view this as a key differentiator in an environment characterized by accelerating neighborhood transformation.


Positively impacting of people and the community is an important principle of our investment approach. We seek to balance the pursuit of profit with our pursuit of collective progress. To us, this entails caring about the betterment of people as a desired outcome of our investment activity.